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Fawsley Hall Wedding Photographer | Katie and Tristan

Fawsley Hall Wedding Photographer

Fawsley Hall Wedding Photographer: Sky Photography

The Venue: Fawsley Hall

Leading up to Katie and Tristan’s wedding we were a little worried that a lot of snow could fall. Thankfully only a little fell. Still, haven’t had a proper snowy wedding in 300 ish weddings… one day it will happen.
We have been fortunate enough to cover many weddings at Fawsley Hall over the years. We love the variety of their expansive grounds with lots of quirky features — an excellent place for wedding photography and a great place to get creative. I have to admit I love winter weddings, I don’t like the cold, but I love the anticipation of a night shot. Thinking it through in my head step by step and then quickly running the couple out into the night to speedily and yet methodically execute it. Fawsley Hall has so many locations to create some awesome night photos, can’t wait to create some more.

The Couple: Katie and Tristan

I met Katie and Tristan back in Jan 2018 a wet winter night in Harpenden where they live. Now the funny thing is, they forgot I was coming and well Tristan greeted me in his pants! Now the reason I mention this is because on his wedding day again when I arrived he greeted me in his pants! Lol For a moment I wondered if this was some life theme. Sure this is a coincidence right Tristan? Has to be mentioned all your groomsmen were loyally wearing their unique groomsmen pants too, which was brilliant. The banter was great, and from that moment I knew we had a great wedding ahead. Karla said she had so much fun at Katie’s preps too. It was a lively wedding a lot of great characters, and It’s safe to say we loved this wedding. Katie and Tristan were excellent; I love these guys. This day was as cold as we’ve shot a wedding in, a little snow and it was freezing, and yet Tristan and Katie mentioned several times, “can we do a night photo”. We can! So we did 2, and I love them! Karla wanted to do a Champagne photo, and with all the wedding party braving the cold it made a superb photo with fizz going everywhere. I also love the subtle yet beautiful silhouette photo we created in the tree avenue. Thanks, guys you’ve set the party benchmark high!

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