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Wedding Videography Northamptonshire

Beautiful Documentary Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography Northamptonshire

Capturing beautiful wedding films is more than just recording events; it’s about preserving the essence of two people uniting in love. Every wedding has its unique rhythm, from the shy smiles exchanged between the couple to the unrestrained laughter of friends and the tear-filled eyes of parents. A wedding film becomes a timeless treasure, weaving together the delicate moments, joyous celebrations, and whispered vows. It allows you to relive your special day, time and again, transporting you back to the very moments your hearts fluttered and memories were made. These wedding films become a testament to your day, commitment, and your beautiful journey that begins with saying, “I do.”

A Wedding Photographer capturing a bride and groom walking down a path in black and white in Bedfordshire.
Having your wedding filmed immortalizes your special day; here are a few things to consider:

  • Memory Preservation: Videos capture emotions, sounds, and actions, allowing you and your loved ones to relive the joy and excitement of the day.
  • See What You Missed: On your big day, there’s so much happening around you. A film lets you catch the moments you might’ve missed.
  • Share with Loved Ones: Not everyone can attend your wedding. A film allows distant friends and family to witness and celebrate your union.
  • Pass Down Generations: A wedding film becomes a cherished heirloom, allowing future generations to witness the love story of their ancestors.
  • Capture Live Moments: Unlike photos, videos capture the nuances of live moments – your vows, the speeches, and the live reactions of your guests.
  • Emotion in Motion: Films capture the laughter, tears, and surprise, offering a complete emotional experience of your special day.
  • Relive Music and Dance: Remember your first dance, the fun-filled group dances, or the soft background tunes through your wedding film.
  • Storytelling: A wedding film tells your unique love story, the journey you embarked upon, and the promises you made.
  • Professional Perspective: A professionally filmed wedding brings cinematic quality to your memories, ensuring they’re beautifully framed and edited.
  • Tangible Keepsake: While memories fade, a tangible film remains, becoming even more valuable as years go by.

Just like our photos, we’ll blend in and capture all the action Naturally

Little and big moments…

beautifully preserved!

Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer: Capturing the joyful moment of a bride and groom as they take a delightful selfie during their wedding day.

Wedding Videography Northampton Packages

Hey there! At Sky Photography, we love crafting cinematic wedding films. Our goal? To capture the sheer emotion, fun, and spontaneous moments of your big day.

But it’s not just about the lively bits. We dive deep to bring out the heartfelt emotions, the love, and every cherished promise you exchange. Every story told, every laughter shared, we’re there to capture it all.

So, if you’re dreaming of a film that truly reflects your unique journey and the magic of your wedding day, we’d love to be by your side.

Dedicated Videographer

We don’t believe in juggling roles and missing moments, this is why we have someone dedicated to each media format.

Ceremony and Speeches Videography

Beautiful Wedding Films

Wedding Videography Northampton


£ 1000

Full Day
Mini Clips of all your best bits!
  • Dedicated Videographer
  • 9 Hours Coverage
  • 6-8 Minutes of video clips from the day to music
  • MP4 digitally delivered
  • Travel Expenses (50miles from Northampton)

If you’re seeking a comprehensive videography package that includes formal recordings of your ceremony and speeches, this is not the package for you.

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Feature FilmMost Popular

£ 1500

Full Day
A Beautiful Wedding film of your day
  • Dedicated Videographer
  • 9 Hours Coverage
  • 12-14 Feature Film of your day
  • Highlights Video 6-8 Minutes of video clips from the day to music
  • Recording of and Inclusion of Ceremony and Speeches in film
  • Both Films in MP4 digitally delivered
  • Travel Expenses (50miles from Northampton)

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Extended Feature Film

£ 1850

Full Day
The Extended Package With Everything In!
  • Dedicated Videographer
  • 9 Hours Coverage
  • Extended 15-20 Minute Feature Film of your day
  • Highlights Video 6-8 Minutes of video clips from the day to music
  • Complete Copy of Ceremony and Speeches Supplied
  • Social Media Reel Highlight Video
  • All x5 Films in MP4 digitally delivered
  • Travel Expenses (50miles from Northampton)

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£400 – Extended Film Upgrade

Upgrade your 12-14 minute Feature film to an extended Film

Included in Extended Package

£300 – Complete Film of Ceremony and Speeches

Your Ceremony and Speeches delivered in MP4

Included in Extended Package

£250 Social Media Reel

A reel of your day, ready for all your social media.

Included in Extended Package

Additional Coverage?

What happens if you need more wedding film coverage on the day? That is fine; you can add hours if required.

Additional Wedding Coverage: £200 p/h




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