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Family Portrait Photographer Northampton


In Nature - Outdoor Family Portraits

Family Portrait Session £175

Family Portrait Photographer Northampton

Out on location, in your environment, having FUN!

I absolutely adore capturing the joy of lively, on-the-go family moments during my photography sessions! There’s something magical about shooting in the natural habitat of your little ones. It’s the ideal setting for family portraits because it allows your kids to be their true selves: whether they’re playing, climbing trees, jumping, or racing around like little whirlwinds. I’ll snap a couple of those classic ‘posed photos,’ but my main focus is on freezing those candid, action-packed moments that truly define your family’s unique energy! Let’s make memories that burst with life and laughter!

Our Family Portraits are perfect for families:

  • Want natural family photos, environmental portraits
  • Kids who don’t sit still
  • No Cheese! Nothing forced!
  • Enjoyable and fun family shots

If you are looking for fun, natural, on-location (not in a studio) family portraits in Northamptonshire or surrounding counties, then get in contact.

Family Portrait Photographer Northampton on location natural photography of children
Family Portrait Photographer Northampton
Family Portrait Photographer Northampton

On location or studio family photography?

Why opt for family portraits on location? While studio shots certainly have their perks, like controlled environments and perfect lighting, it’s just not our cup of tea. We’re all about that natural, inviting vibe. Studios might have their advantages, but they can feel a bit stiff for kids and families to truly let loose. Following the same philosophy as our wedding photography, we aim for family portraits that are less posed and more in tune with the beauty of natural colors, backdrops, and the enchanting play of natural light! Let’s capture your family in their most authentic, vibrant essence.

The world is our studio!

We venture into the great outdoors, capturing those ‘portrait’ moments amidst the charm of woods, parks, or delightful green spaces. The choice is yours, and it’s particularly fantastic if you have a spot that holds special meaning for your family. We believe in taking it slow, especially when it comes to winning over the trust of the little ones. That’s why we often suggest starting with a casual stroll. Engaging in everyday activities not only eases tension and anxiety (for parents too!) but also fosters a genuine connection, building trust and rapport along the way. Let’s make your family photo experience as relaxed and meaningful as possible!


Enquire About Your Family Session, Now.

“Where there is family, there is love.”

Family Portrait Photographer Northampton

Family Portrait Photographer Northampton

How does it work

  • 60-minute Session £175
  • All your images (around 50) are uploaded to your private online gallery, where you can view, share, print, or download them in high resolution.
  • You’ll get your high-res JPEG files about two weeks after our photo session.
  • These sessions are for families, children, and even your furry friends!
  • Rain or shine, we’re making memories!
  • The session fee is non-refundable within seven days of the shoot.
  • Get ready to rock; let’s snap some awesome shots and make memories that will last a lifetime.


FAQs – Family Portrait Photographer Northampton

Can we choose where to have the shoot?

Yes, I can shoot in the location of your choice. If it is outside Northamptonshire, then ask us first, as there may be costs involved.

I am happy to recommend locations that I know work well and are easy to get to and park.

Family and Maternity Portrait locations I like to use:

Delapre Abbey Grounds

Abington Park

Harleston Firs

What if it rains?

Come rain or shine, we’ll still have some fun. If it’s looking like a chance of rain, bring some umbrellas for an outdoor shoot and consider the ground maybe a little muddy.

How do we book you?

So after you submit your enquiry form, I’ll email you a link to view my calendar and, where you can select a convenient time for you and then make payment.

If you need to reschedule this can also be done.

How many people can we have in a family shoot?

During a standard portrait session, it is advisable to limit the group size to fewer than 8 people. While I am capable of accommodating larger groups, it’s important to note that increasing the number of individuals can dilute the number of photos of each person. In such instances, it might be more effective to purchase two separate sessions and schedule them together, to ensure optimal results.

What should we wear?

There is no right or wrong, what is important is you or your family feel comfortable. Just be mindful of the weather if we’re going outdoors, so If it’s likely to be muddy, stick your comfy walking boots on and let the kids jump in puddles wearing their boots! The most important thing is you feel comfortable.

What’s included with the price?

A standard portrait session lasts for about an hour. This usually delivers around 50 photos. After a couple of weeks, I will upload your carefully edited photos to your own private online gallery. Here, you will be able to share and purchase prints and download any photos.

Can we download the photos?

Yes! You’ll have full access to download any or all your photos in full resolution and web size (Social media optimised) all without water marks.

Can I bring a change of clothes?

Yes, this is completely fine. Just consider where you’ll get changed, though, in the car or behind a bush, might not work!

Family Portrait Photographer Northampton

Children Photography in woods