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A husband and wife team of 2 wedding photographers.

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Yeah, that’s right, we are a husband and wife team of 2 wedding photographers! Pretty useful hey? Perfect for capturing your emotional Bride and Groom preparations! We can be in 2 places at once, even if that means down the pub! We love this, looking back through your time synced photos of how your two stories beautifully come together, it’s emotional! Having two no fuss, wedding photographers at your wedding has other advantages too:
When there are two photographers, more of your moments that make your story get captured.
Shooting from different angles: Perfect for speeches, for all the tears the laughter.
Plenty of time to capture all the little details that you’ve worked so hard to prepare.
Oh and more images: Double- usually 600+ on your little USB.
Read more about the advantages of having two photographers: Why book 2 Wedding Photographers
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Some of the faves from Dodford Manor

Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer

So you’re getting married at Dodford Manor Wedding Venue? Fantastic! Dodford Manor is easily one of Northamptonshire’s’ best barn wedding venues, with a superb, award-winning team. Dodford Manor is one of our favourite venues to photograph weddings. As one of Dodford Manors preferred wedding photographers, we have been fortunate enough to have covered over 120 beautiful weddings there since they opened in 2012. We are very familiar with all the staff, and Jenkinson’s the caterer, but most importantly, we know all the best spots for capturing those stunning shots in all weathers.

Sky Photography – Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer

Dodford Manor Exclusive Country House Barn Wedding Venue Northamptonshire

Here’s what we love about Dodford Manor

From a Photographers point of view – Dodford Manor Wedding Photography

  • We love the Mezzanine floor. Perfect viewpoint for those ‘Everyone’ Group photos!
  • Bright, airy open barns great for ceremony and speech photography.
  • The Sheep Field! We don’t know any other venue that has such amazing unobstructed views. These unobtrusive views make for incredible sky and sunset photos.
  • All-weather venue! We’ve shot weddings in all conditions and all seasons from snow, to hail to glorious sunshine we’ve seen Dodford excel in every circumstance. We can shoot Family group photos inside if it’s too horrible outside.
  • The Staff! Weddings at Dodford always form a benchmark for us at other venues. Weddings flow without a hitch or drama.

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Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer

Optional Extras

Pre Wedding Shoot £349

Catered to suit your lifestyle.


Want us to stay longer?


Starting from £519

Why Telling Your Story With 2 Wedding Photographers is Awesome!

Bride + Groom Preps
More Moments
More Angle
More Photos
More From Your Day!

We capture your wedding preparations with two photographers and time synced cameras. So when you look back through your images, you'll see both sides of your story come together with you getting married.

Learn more about the benefits of having 2 Photographers and why groom preps are important

Pre Booking FAQs

When should I get intouch?

Contact us as soon as you have your venue and your date sorted.

We can meet up online or in person, we think this is important as you want to make sure we are not weirdos! lol (we are not).

If you are not ready to book, still get in touch and we will confirm whether we are available or not, but importantly we can keep that date and update you if someone else enquires. From here can give you a 24hour window to book us before we speak to the next couple.

We do receive many more enquires than we can physically fit into a year and we do get booked up quite quickly with most key dates going around 18-24months.

Keywords: Booking, Deposit, When to book

Is 9 Hours coverage enough?

Why 9 hours? 9hrs will cover about 90% of weddings. Many, many times in the past, we have stayed all night or covered the whole of a bridal prep. But to be honest very little is added to a story by staying so long. We found that so many of our shots were repeats or similar and guests, especially at night, get annoyed with us keep taking their photos especially, as the numbers dwindle. So 9 hours is usually good.


In some cases, you may need us for an hour or so more. Firstly this can be decided anytime before and leading up to your wedding. We ask you six weeks before your wedding day, along with other wedding day related questions.

If you need additional hours, then it’s £150 for two photographers and £100 for one photographer.

Keywords: 9hrs, coverage, how long

How do we book?

How do we book you? What’s the next step?

Use the contact form to send us a message about your day. We will check our availability and if we are available then we can either meet up or if you are ready you can book us for your date.


Everything is easy and straight forward. All forms are done online and we accept all major credit/debit cards for payments with no additional charge. We require a 30% booking payment, with 30% due 6 months before your date and 40% 30days before your big day. Don’t worry we’ll send you receipts and reminders.

Key Words: booking, deposit, secure date

Can we order albums after our wedding?

Yes, no problem at all. You can purchase albums at any time after your wedding and we’ll happily design this for you.

Key Words: Albums

What is the Payment Schedule?

We require a 30% booking payment, with 30% due 6 months before your date and 40% 30days before your big day. Don’t worry we’ll send you receipts and reminders.

Keywords: payments, deposit

Do you have insurance?

Do you have backup equipment?

We carry along to the wedding: backup cameras, lens, memory cards, batteries, flashes and a number of other items. Everything covered.

Keywords: backup, equipment, camera, fault, broken, brake

What if you are ill or something happens?

Regardless of the illness/emergency, we would always look to fulfil our commitment to you and your day. Firstly, I’d like to point out in over 350+ weddings we have thankfully never had to call upon the emergency cover and certainly never been in the situation where we have had to let someone down. We are active, fit and healthy people with good health insurance cover. However, we are realistic, too, and while we try our best to stay healthy, illnesses and accidents can happen. So, to counter that we do have several local wedding photographer friends, who we have an operating agreement. We are a member of a national emergency Group too.  Where we are fortunate in this respect is that we are a two-person photography company, so that if one of us was suddenly unable to make the wedding, we could then at least capture the day with the other photographer.

Keywords: Illness, accident, emergency

How long until wedding photos ready?

In short: Normally 5-6 weeks – Busy periods add a few weeks
We’re typically pretty punctual on this, and we do everything (including caffeine-fueled late nighters) we can to keep to this. We want you to have your photos while your day is still fresh.
April till October weddings are our busy months and this keeps us hectic editing until December.

Keywords: Wedding Photos, When, Ready

Do I need additional Hours?

Sometimes we must stay longer; usually, an early ceremony triggers this. If you want us to stay longer, then we charge £150 for two photographers and £100 for 1 Photographer. We will ask you about this and allow you to request this in your wedding day form

Our honest advice is this, though:

It’s not worth paying for us well into the night unless there is something, in particular, you want us to photograph. Once we have captured some dancing and guests laughing and messing about it’s all on repeat! So we suggest saving your money. One hour after the first dance is about the max. But if you want us to stay longer that is fine too.

Keywords: Hours, coverage, extra, more

How long have you been shooting weddings?

10 years

Do we need to provide food?

Food on our wedding day

Well, we wouldn’t say no! We don’t mind. The critical point here is that we know exactly, so we are prepared and get it right. It is a long day for us, and the last thing we want is for us to be foraging around for some food somewhere (anywhere!) when we should be concentrating on your photos. Imagine being on your feet for 9 hours plus with little food.

We will ask you about this on your final wedding day form

Dietary Requirements

The only thing we do not to eat is lamb. Everything else, Yum Yum!

Keywords: Food, Meal, Hungry, Dietary Requirements, Free the little sheep!

Do you offer off peak discount?

We don’t, I’m afraid. Instead, we feel it’s fairer for all couples if we balance our prices throughout the year.

We do receive many more enquires than we can physically fit into a year and we do get booked up quite quickly with most key dates going around 18-24months.

Keywords: Discounts, offpeak, off-peak, cheaper, deals

Do you shoot family group photos?

Yes, we still shoot family group photos. We also don’t limit you to a certain number like other photographers. The most important thing for us is that you are happy and comfortable with your number of group photos. We would hate for your drinks reception to turn into some photo marathon with you rooted to the spot. Honestly keep it real and only shoot as many as YOU want and not what is expected of you.

Efficiency- We are pretty good at getting through group photos quickly. Typically 20-30mins for 10-15 groups.

Keywords: groups, family photos

Can we ask for specific photos?

Yes, This is something we cover on your wedding day form.

The story we will capture, it’s what we do. So you don’t need to provide a request list of key moments from the day as we are well versed in this. However, you may be wearing something sentimental like Grandma’s ring, or you want to re-enact a photo with your cousins from 20years ago, or you may want to make sure you get a specific photo at a particular time. Our wedding day form covers these along with all the family and Group photos that you can request.

How far do you travel?

We’ll travel to where ever you want us to be. For distances further from home 50miles from Northampton, then we may need to stay over the night before. For destination weddings then we would need our travel costs covered too.

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Check Our Availability

We’re super excited to hear all about your day. We do receive many enquiries and book up relatively early for key summer dates. Do get in touch as soon as possible, even if you’re not quite ready to book just yet, still say hi!


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