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Wedding Photographers Northamptonshire

Wedding Photographers Northamptonshire

Hi! We're Sky Photography

A Husband and Wife team of two Wedding Photographers

Yeah, that’s right, we are a team of two wedding photographers in Northamptonshire! Pretty useful, hey? Perfect for capturing your emotional Bride and Groom preparations! Having two photographers means we can capture your day and be in 2 places at once, even if that means down the pub with the Groom! You will love looking back through your time synced photos of how your two stories beautifully come together; it’s emotional! Of course, having two relaxed wedding photographers at your wedding capturing events as they happen naturally has other advantages too:
We can capture more moments and tell your story in more detail by having two photographers.
Shooting from different angles: Perfect for speeches, Guests reactions – all the tears, the laughter.
Plenty of time to capture all the little details you’ve worked so hard to prepare.
Different photography perspectives. We both have a slightly different style, and these complement each other to give you more.
Oh, and more images: Double- usually 600+
Read more about the advantages of having two photographers: Why Should I Book 2 Wedding Photographers.

We are centrally based, in Northampton and regularly shoot weddings throughout Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire, Throughout the Cotswolds, but we are happy to travel further afield too, get in touch 😉

Here's what we do!

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Wedding Photography: 

Our Approach

We’ll photograph your wedding naturally as it happens, without any of that staged fuss, like chinking glasses to a posed photo and pretending some cheesy pose. Instead, we merely blend in with your guests, capturing real moments between people without being noticed or interfering. Guests are captured naturally, telling the story of your day honestly, full of emotion, laughter, and fun and giving you 100s of beautiful, vibrant images of your wedding day without you noticing us! Don’t worry; you can still give us a list of those necessary family and friends group photos to take; hey, that’s what the parents will want, right? We’ll also create some stunning images of you both that you’ll want to hang all over your house! We’ll slip away with just the two of you, no awkward posing, just you two catching a little time-out before heading back to enjoy the rest of your wedding.
Isn’t this how wedding photography should be?

Wedding Photographers Northamptonshire

We’ve shot hundreds of weddings at all the popular wedding venues throughout Northamptonshire and many in the surrounding counties.
We love what we do, and we love making nothing less than super happy Bride and Grooms. So if you’re having your wedding in Northamptonshire or surrounding counties and are interested in having us capture your big day, please get in touch.

Low Light Wedding Photographers

When the sun goes down, or the weather is terrible, or the light fades, or the venue’s lights are not kind, you need a photographer who can do more than cross their fingers. You need a photographer that can add light creatively.

We are confident and experienced; we excel in all weathers, lighting situations, and seasons. At EVERY wedding, we bring numerous lighting equipment, not just in case, but also to create!



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