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Winter Weddings Gallery

Winter Wedding Photographer

We Love Winter Weddings!

Congratulations, You have chosen to get married in winter! This is the most creative photography season! 

At the end of each summer we get excited for the winter ahead as this means we can get creative with lights, sparklers and the Weather! Not only do you have day, evening, sunset and night but also a mixture of sometimes spectacular weather too. I’m not going to lie, Winter Wedding Photography is hard! Not only is there a limited amount of light in the day, but the weather conditions are a lot more unpredictable. So if you have saved some money on booking your venue, don’t be tempted to scrimp and save on your winter wedding photographer. Winter weddings are a steep technical challenge and not suited for the inexperienced or ill prepared and don’t be persuaded any other way. The lack of light and potentially mirad of adverse weather can spell disaster for an inexperienced wedding photographer.

Take a look through our portfolio to see what we can create during these dark dark months 🙂

Before and after - Off Camera Flashes (OCF)

Off camera flash being used to shift white balance to blue Behind the scenes shot of a wedding photo taken at Holdenby house

Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Our Top Photography Tip:

  1. Hire a proven winter wedding photographer!
  2. Check when the sunsets on your day here
  3. Bring a warm jacket, boots, an umbrella and stash them somewhere. If your photographer needs you to cross a muddy field or go out in the cold or rain to create something stunning, you won’t be left missing out.
  4. Be brave and embrace what the weather brings you. If it rains, so be it, just use an umbrella.
  5. Family Group photos out on the lawn will probably be a no-no. It’s likely to be cold or very cold and your guests won’t want to be out there. So family photos will probably need to be done inside, Is there space at your venue or ask your photographer where they can be done.

5 Questions to ask your potential winter or low light wedding photographer!

I don’t want to knock fellow photographers or aspiring ones at that. I just want you the couple to understand that low light winter photography is a huge challenge if you don’t have the experience or equipment to shoot them. After all, photography is all about capturing light.

  1. Ask to see his or her winter portfolio. Are you still in love with their work? Do the photos look as good?
  2. What experience have they had with poorly lit weddings? Hopefully more than 10.
  3. What if it Rains/Snows. Are they able to turn this into a stunning image?
  4. What lighting equipment do you bring to the wedding? You want more than just a flash on the camera here. Portable lighting is really what is expected (Off-Camera Flashes).
  5. Are they capable of shooting nighttime portraits? The window of light is very narrow in winter and even if you have set aside time for portraiture or family photos during the daytime, what if things get delayed or overrun. This happens a lot with winter weddings. Again portable lights are necessary just for plan B purposes.

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