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How much Wedding Photography coverage do I Need?

Wedding Day Itinerary

How much wedding photography coverage do I need?

You may or not by now have a rough idea of how your day’s itinerary may look. If so then you should be able to draw some obvious parallels to the timings listed. This is only an example of a typical day and just an example of how 9 hours might work for you.

If you are not sure you can always ask us and we will happily advise.

How much wedding photography coverage do i need?
Beautiful wedding moment of the bride and grooms first dance in the bouverie room at Delapre Abbey Wedding venue

9 Hours Coverage


13:30 Ceremony

12 pm to 9 pm Coverage

Photographers Start
Getting Ready Photos @Hotel/Venue/Home- Couple Getting Ready, Bridal Details, Guest Arrivals, Dress Reveal, Final Preps etc
Drinks Reception - Lots of natural moments, people enjoying themselves.
Group Photos (10-25 mins)
Couple Photos (20mins) - Natural, relaxed photos of you both feeling amazing on your wedding day.
Call for guests to take a seat
Couple Announced into the room for wedding breakfast
Evening Start - More candid photos of guests getting in the party mood!
Sunset Walk With Photographers, if there's a sunset then we'll keep you updated and go for a quick walk capturing some gorgeous golden photos.
Cut Cake & First Dance
20:00 +
Dance Floor Action
Photographers Finish

<These are only examples, but parallels can be drawn.>

Why 9 Hours?

After 500+ weddings we have found 9hrs to be the sweet spot for coverage.

Our 9-hour coverage is designed to suit 90% of weddings. In the past, we have often extended our coverage to include the entire night or complete bridal preparations. However, there is a minimal value added to the overall storytelling by staying for such extended periods. Moreover, we noticed that your photos become very repetitive or similar. Therefore, we have found that 9 hours of coverage is generally sufficient to capture a great well-paced story of your special day.

My Wedding is different, What if I need more?

Hey, don’t worry, this can be decided and added at any point, including on your day too, and yes weddings have a do sometimes have a tendency of overrunning, so we are always ready. Sometimes, you may need us for an hour or so more. Leading up to your wedding, we will ask you about your wedding day in detail, along with other wedding day-related questions. This is a great time to review coverage.

The Main Reasons For More Coverage

  1. The distance between getting ready and the ceremony is over 30mins travel time.
  2. A pre-12 pm ceremony may mean you need additional time.
  3. You are planning something special early or late e.g. Fireworks or a pre-religious ceremony.
  4. You just want a little more of our photography
EMotional bridesmaids seeing the bride and her dress for the first time Bridal prep How much wedding photography coverage do i need?
How much wedding photography coverage do i need?

Want more coverage?

1 Photographer


2 Photographers