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Dodford Manor Winter Wedding | Emma and Bruce

Dodford Manor Winter WeddingDodford Manor Winter Wedding

Initial Meetup

The thing that struck me from when I met up with Emma and Bruce back in March 2018 was their enthusiasm about their day and how excited they were about putting it all together. We love this kind of energy and really bounce off it. They’re super lovely too.

Wedding Highlights

I really enjoyed the groom prep. Bruce, his family and especially his Mum made me feel very at home (sorry I didn’t get to finish my tea). Groom preps like this are great because it’s about capturing that moment, with those special to you in a place that’s special with all the emotions.

Bruce spontaneously picked Emma up and took her to the sheep field and then played shep the dog (with me) as we tried to circle the sheep and drive them where we wanted. It didn’t work this time and it never has, but I will keep trying!

My personal favourite though was the rain shot. I told Emma and Bruce I wanted to do a night photo later on of them and would they be OK with that, Sure no probs. Then it hammered it down, now in my eyes, this just improved things and made it even more spectacular (in my head that is). But realistically what Bride and Groom would go out in the wind and rain? The umbrella kept folding in. Emma “Oh I know how Simon (me) loves rain shots, yeah definitely!” Emma. Thank You! Well, they walked the 5 minutes in the wind and rain and i think we got some spectacular photos, making it well worth it. All my equipment survived too, which I’m surprised about after that lashing. I think this goes down as one of my favourite rain photos ever.

Wedding Suppliers

Wedding Venue

Dodford Manor, Northamptonshire

Makeup Artist
Georgia Raw MakeUp
Hair By
Charlotte Rose Douglas
Wedding Dress
Serendipity Brides
Bridesmaid Dresses
Lace and Beads
The Lanes
Bridal Carriages of Northampton
Hot Rods
Mango Acoustic
Gardner’s Cakery
You Do the Shoot

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