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Swallows Nest Barn Wedding Photography | Clare and Mike

Swallows Nest Barn Wedding Photography

I met Clare and Mike a couple of years back, whilst taking pictures st Mike’s sisters joint baby shower.

Whilst there I took a couple of photos of Clare and Mike and this is where it all started. When Clare and Mike got engaged they decided they wanted me (Karla) as their wedding photographer from, I felt very honoured by this.

They chose to get married at St Mary’s Church in Warwickshire, the Priest was really nice and did a lovely service for the couple, after ceremony all the wedding guests went to Swallows Nest Bar. Swallows Nest Barn is close to the M40 and is hidden away by a long private drive through beautiful fields and a little wood.

Their day was absolutely magical, loved dearly by their family and their friends. It was easy to blend in to their crowd as everyone was there to have a good time and were very united and very happy for the couple.

Clare looked stunning, wearing her amazing bride dress by Rue De Seine, Mike looked very handsome too.

Claire’s wedding flowers were beautiful and incredibly all carefully arranged by Clare’s mum! Very artistic and creative! tEven the delicious cake was made by Clare’s mum and Mike’s sister….! I know who i will call now when I need a cake!

It was an amazing day and with all my heart I wish Clare and Mike all the best in life, I definitely will remember you guys always!

Make up Artist

the Make up was done by the bride herself

Wedding dress

Rue de Seine

Bridesmaid dresses





Anthony Parella


Leos Strings


Made by Clare’s Mum and Mike’s sister




Swallows Nest Barn

Swallows Nest Barn Wedding Photography by Sky Photography

The wedding was Bohemian and rustic, I would say very stylish….everyone did look elegant, glam and definitely they were VIP!! such great energy to be around, the Dj was really good, I was feeling dancing…couldn’t control my feet 🙂


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