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Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Coverage

Why do I need this information?

I have collected info for over 350 weddings and honed this form into what it is now. The information you are about to provide is crucial to the way I shoot your coverage. My goal is simple: To be organised and efficient, so I am able to blend in and anticipate the who’s, when’s and where’s.

Before you start

I recommend you set aside around 20 to 45 minutes to complete this form. Sorry, it is that long!

I also recommend using a device with a large screen e.g a laptop, desktop, tablet. Phones can be a bit of a struggle.

Please read the descriptions and Tips sections, they’re important. Sorry, I sound a bit like a teacher now!

Info you need

Go grab that wedding info as there are quite a few questions!

Have your wedding day itinerary to hand

You are about to be asked what group photos you require

Email addresses for 1 nominated group photo helper


At the end of the form, you can request a copy and you will be sent all the info you provided and 2 PDFs. A PDF of all info and 1 of your requested group photos.

Wedding Coverage Information Form




Happy to answer any of your questions.

If you're interested in pricing, please send us your email address too.

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