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Our Approach

Our Approach To Your Wedding

No Cheese, just awesome.

In a Nutshell

We are documentary wedding photographers. We capture your day naturally as it happens. We don’t force or orchestrate the proceedings. We make friends and blend in. We look for the feeling, the emotions and capture it all as artistically as we can. We make comfortable company, this helps us capture you and your guests guards down. We’re there for you, we share all the love and emotion and if you need some help support, we’ll notice it and step in.


Weddings are so much more than turning up somewhere beautiful saying ‘I do’ having a party with all the people you love and love you in return. It’s not one day. It’s about everything that preceded it, all the years of fun, laughter, shared experiences and love. Your ‘day’ brings all this together with your own unique identity. We want our photo’s of your day to convey all that. A moment in time that everyone was there and captured in this visual document. In 20-30 years everyone’s story will have changed dramatically. Some grown up others departed, some who weren’t even born yet. but for your day it was all captured.

Please don’t say Cheese!

You’ll notice from looking around our site that our approach to wedding photography is very natural and unobtrusive “hands off” if you will. We shoot weddings candidly. We don’t even want you looking at the camera. What ever you want to call it documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography or perhaps wedding photojournalism, it basically means about the same thing; We’ll never stop any of the proceedings, setup cheesy shots, Never ever boss you around! And never ask anyone to pose for the camera and say cheese. Our aim is that; you’ll barely know we’re there. This means you can get on with enjoying your day and let us get on with capturing your story. 

But what about my family photos?

Don’t worry this is still an integral part of the day. We know you don’t want to hang about taking them though. I mean, you’ll be in every single one! So the prospect of you standing there for 40+ minutes when there’s drinking and socialising to be done is something you want done and ticked off. We pre agree the group shots with you and you nominate some helpers too. This helps us keep things moving and time standing in the sun/cold to a min!

Wedding Portraits

Are also a massive part of what we do. Taking some pictures that incorporate your location, the weather, the light, and the moment. Don’t be scared though, this isn’t at all awkward, promise. We want it to be natural, so just the pair of you chatting and enjoying the moment. So many couples who were scared of having their photos taken have enjoyed it and said how much they loved just getting away to absorb what was going on. We love this too, away from the hustle and bustle we want to create something, fun, beautiful, stunning. We won’t keep you long though, as there’s Champagne to be drunk, canapés to taste and old friends and family to catch up on. We are super conscious of how much time we take, so we’d never expect more than 30 mins and often a lot less. Something you’ll want as your Facebook profile image!

Choosing a Wedding Photographer = Person + Photography Style.

Sorry to break it to you but hiring your wedding photographer isn’t a tick box exercise, or least it shouldn’t be. Get it right, it matters. You need to know not only are they going to produce the results you want but also (don’t realise too late) you need to get on with them and feel comfortable in their presence.

If you love the camera and want to be posing all day, there are photographers out there, who’ll love you.. However we are probably not for you, it’s just not our style.

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