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Do we need to provide you with food?

Food on our wedding day

Well we wouldn’t say no! ha ha, but in all seriousness we really don’t mind. The important point here is that we know exactly, so we are prepared and get it right. It is a long day for us and the last thing we want, is for us to be foraging around for some food somewhere (anywhere!), when we should be concentrating on your photos.

We will ask you about this on your final wedding day form

Dietary Requirements

The only thing we do not to eat is lamb. Everything else, Yum Yum!

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When will our wedding photos be ready?

In short: Normally 4-6 weeks

We’re normally pretty punctual on this and we do everything (including caffeine fueled late nighters) we can to keep to this. The longest ever has been 6 weeks and 3 days. We want you to have your photos whilst your day is still fresh.

April till October weddings are our busy months.

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Can we book you for longer hours?

You probably have us booked for 9 hours unless you specified any different.

Sometimes it’s necessary for us to stay longer, usually an early ceremony triggers this. If you want us to stay longer then we charge £100 for 2 photographers and £50 for 1 Photographer. Just email us at [email protected]

Our honest advise is this though:

It’s not worth paying for us well into the night unless there is something in particular you want us to photograph. We have been in this situation many times before and once we have captured some dancing and guests laughing and messing about it’s all on repeat! So we suggest save your money. 1  hour after first dance is about the max.

What if we over run?

We’re gone! Only kidding 🙂 Weddings often over run so don’t worry we understand. We ask you on your wedding day form what we need to do in this situation. This way we save the decision making on the day when you’re in full flow enjoying your day.

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Can we stager your start times?

Yes and No, it depends. We do sometimes find it necessary to have start times different. This is quite common if the Bride preparations are being covered and the Groom photography is starting at the venue. So an hour apart is quite normal and fine.

What we can’t do:

Finish times different

We do sometimes get asked if we start 2 hours apart can we finish 2 hours apart. Essentially extending our coverage by 2 hours. Unfortunately that’s 11 hours coverage. You can pay for additional hours no problem, so if you think you need  more than the 9hours coverage. Just email us to request it [email protected]

Can we have the RAW (digital negatives) from our day?

This is something we occasionally get asked and it’s a hard one for us to answer. Because on the one hand we want to be super helpful and do what we can to help in any way possible. But the RAW files are unedited files, that can easily be manipulated. This means we can easily be misrepresented and as a business we can’t expose ourselves to the risks involved. It all sounds a little over the top, but it’s real world 🙁

What are RAW images?

RAW images are massive files of, well, raw data from the camera. Editing (RAW file interpretation) and Digital photography is what you are paying us for. We often shoot photos as part of a 2 stages Shoot+Edit, i.e knowing exactly how we will edit (interpret) a particular photo. Without that knowledge of the second editing part the photo doesn’t work and can look bad.

How do we order an Album?

You can order albums any time. Just head over to this page where it explains everything you need to know ALBUMS

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Can we have some of our photos re edited in black and white (B&W)?

Yes definitely. Any changes that you want us to make to your photos is really straight forward. First all you do is log in to you viewing gallery where you can see all your photos. Then favourite all the photos you need changes made to. You can even then put notes to each photo so we know exactly what you want done.

We are then able to see this favourite gallery and read your comments.

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Do we need to meet up before the wedding?

All the important information we need from you about your day (so we can just be focused on your photography) is in this form, which we request from you 6 weeks beforehand.

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How many group/family photos should I choose?

Have a read of this page as it goes into detail about group photos.

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Can we do a sparkler photo?

Absolutely, we love it, however depending on the time of year it might not be dark enough to do one 🙁

In June it can be past 10pm before it’s close to dark enough. Normally this is something we get requested between November and the end of March.

Also check with your venue as they usually need to hear about it first!

You add the request to your wedding day form that we request 6 weeks before.

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How many photos to choose for our album?

Head over to the album page where all is explained 🙂

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What's our login for our gallery?

Head over to and search using your name.

Can we pay money off our balance?

You can login to you client access area here and make payments any time.

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Can we pay using a credit card or debit card?

Yes, you can use these methods to nake quick and easy payments to us.


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When is our final payment due?

We will send you some automated messages to remind you. 1 month before your wedding date the final balance is due.

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Where can we leave you a review?

Hey we really appreciate it, we love getting reviews so thank you.

Here’s where:



What's your address?

Sky Photography

102 Wycliffe Road



Where and When do we do the engagement shoot?

You can make an availability request here


We can do engagement shoots any time of the year. But for obvious reasons availability at the weekends can be a little limited. From May through till September it is light enough to do evenings too.


We normally do the engagement shoots at Delapre Abbey in Northampton. This is a great location and easy to get to from major roads.

What to wear and what not to wear for engagement shoot.

Check out the Engagement page, where we have detailed some advice and links to some Pinterest boards.

How long does the engagement shoot take?

It depends on what we stumble across in terms of opportunities, weather etc but somewhere between 1hr and 1.5hrs.

You can find more information about our engagement shoots here

How long will the family group photos take?

This is a difficult one to answer, without knowing how many groups and also the sizes of the groups. But to give you some idea each group takes between 2 and 4 minutes on average. So a list of 15 groups you can expect between 30 min to 1hr.

We will ask you all about group photos you require 6 weeks before your date on the all about your day, wedding form.

Do we need to bring anything on our wedding day? Umbrella? Boots? Sparklers?


We love taking beautiful outdoor nature filled images. Vibrant colours and breathtaking skies. Except we’ll struggle if you can’t get those stilettos about the place! Lol. Many of the venues we visit require all of us to walk over grass/field. So we recommend some welli boots. Don’t worry they don’t have to be in the photos, but sometimes cool if they are in a few 😉 


If the weather is looking like it could rain bring an umbrella. We can take some awesome photos if you have one. Better have one and not need one, than wishing you had. Parasols are great too if you’re thinking of rocking that style.


If we are still about when it’s dark and you’ve checked with the venue, then yes bring as many sparklers as you like and on your wedding day form that we will send you let us know that a) you have sparklers b) a rough idea what sort of photo you want. i.e sparkler send off, brave bridesmaids writing L O V E or something a little different. Just let us know.

How long do take us away for our romantic photos?

We are very conscious of taking you away of your guests. Whilst you’ll actually probably enjoy just getting away for a while. We try and keep this to an absolute maximum of 30  mins and often a lot less. 

Can we still book an engagement session?

Yes! This can be booked anytime, we just need to make sure we can fit it in before your day 🙂

Head over to this page for more info and to request a date 🙂

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