Covid-19 Corona Virus

Weathering the storm together

Corona Virus Re-scheduling

First and foremost, we are on your side here!

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Please, any worries, concerns, questions etc about the below then please do email me.

Ok, so the Corona Virus has hit my Wedding plans and now everything is up in the air. Now What?


**** Reschedule, Postpone but don’t cancel ****

We realise this is an extremely stressful time for you, but we want you to realise we are doing as much as possible to help you and other couples to move your wedding with us as we possibly can. All is not lost. Your day will get rescheduled and be all the more appreciated and all the more awesome because of it!

It’s important to understand, we are trying to act in the spirit of fairness and certainly don’t want to refer to terms and conditions or hide behind contracts, only as a last resort. We hope you can act in a similar way; fair and positive, as we can get through this, even if we have to make some compromises. Please, at any point if you need to discuss or want to clarify anything then reach out:

We have already moved 2020 couples several times now.  Many couples have moved their dates to 2022/23 others have had to look at midweek and Sundays to get a viable date and all suppliers can agree to.

Contact Venue

Speak to the venue, church and registrars. They should be able to provide you with several dates. See these dates as your first options, as you may need to go back for more if you can’t get enough of your suppliers availability. Contact all suppliers bouncing the dates with them.


Obviously, if we are not available on your new date then you cannot reschedule/rebook a new date with us. To aide this, we have published our calendar below and cancelled all family holidays for 21/22 so we have even more availability.

2 Part or smaller wedding

So you just want to get married! We don’t blame you. We have shot some beautiful and really touching ‘smaller’ ceremonies since the pandemic. If you are planning on splitting your wedding into 2 parts= Ceremony + Big (post covid) Party then take a look at our new smaller coverage packages

We can include/add this to your existing booking.

Wedding Re-Schedule Policy

Please use the calendar below to view our available dates. You can use the below calendar to reserve your date or simply register a backup date.
If you are moving to 2022 or beyond, then we will adjust your package to reflect our current 22/23 prices.
If this is the first time you are rescheduling, then we will ask you to make a payment of 50% towards your balance.

Check Your New Dates For Our Availability

How to RESCHEDULE with us.

You will need to inform us you wish to cancel our existing agreement along with a new date that we are available on to transfer our service and monies paid.

To make it really easy, you can select a date and use the form to inform us of your request below.


What if you are not available on our new date?

If you are unable to find a common date that we can reschedule to and we are unavailable on your new proposed date, you will therefore need to cancel us. This would be a most unfortunate circumstance and we strongly suggest getting back in touch with your venue, to see if any other dates are available.

If you, however, you do need to cancel us we will need this confirmed in an email. In this case please email me directly to


The non-refundable booking fee is, non-refundable. This is the 30% you paid to make your date exclusive and book our services.

If you have made additional payments after the initial booking fee, then these payments will be refunded to you, by us. They will be returned to you by the original payment method.