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2 Wedding Photographers Northamptonshire

6 Reasons to book 2 Wedding photographers for your wedding day

OK, So why do we pay for a wedding photographer in the first place?

Before we talk about two wedding photographers, why do we even hire wedding photographers in the first place?

After your expensive big day is over, you are left with a dress, a Husband/Wife and photos from your day. Your memories sadly will fade, so you need your photos to record and document your day. In 20 years you will be able to look back at your day and all your guests with the memories that surround your photos.

A Good Wedding Photographer is experienced in capturing social scenes, able to anticipate what’s about to happen next. It’s essential for them to be tuned in with the emotions around them, you don’t want someone emotionless watching on! Are experienced with fast moving and fast changing and one-off situations that have no second chance to capture again. They should have an artistic eye to capture something unique and importantly should blend in with your guests making them feel comfortable and at ease. So utterly different from other disciplines of photography (sports, landscape, portraits, etc.) Weddings are challenging to photograph and like many things in life, experience counts for a lot. We have shot over 250 weddings together our ‘second shooter’ isn’t a glorified bag carrier!

So what’s wrong with having one photographer?

NOTHING. There are thousands of amazing photographers out there that do a fantastic job, capturing beautiful weddings. We offer one photographer packages too, and we capture amazing weddings.

However, having 2 Wedding Photographers does have distinct advantages:

Groomsmen getting ready in a mirror

Why book 2 Wedding Photographers?

1. Capturing both sides of your story

Your wedding day is a story of 2 people in love coming together and getting married. You both deserve to have your account captured. No one should be taking the second bill.

2 Wedding photographers capturing 2 Different Stories:

The Groom’s Story is about the getting ready, ‘making sure’ not to forget something, capturing the camaraderie between mates at the bar, trying to hold his emotions together as he greets his guests and the emotional culmination as he constantly fidgets, while he waits for his bride at the altar. These are moments important too and you both won’t want to forget them.

The Bride’s Story is about the hair, the makeup, that DRESS!, those SHOES, all the little details, the flowers, the steady emotional build up, Seeing DAD and his reaction. The BRIDESMAIDS and the Prosecco. The Flower girl looking so adorable, getting in the car and that nervous journey, your butterflies as you wait to make your entrance and hearing your music, and then seeing your groom for the first time as your entry entrances your guests.

With 2 Photographers we capture your two separate stories, with time synced cameras. So, when you look back through your wedding photos, you will be able to see your two stories picture by picture coming together, culminating with you getting married.

Time Synced Images
2 Wedding Photographers

Bride getting ready in the morning hsving her make up applied Groom reading his card from bride

2. Things you didn’t know happened

You could be chatting away to grandma as she swoons over your dress and compliments how beautiful you are looking. This makes a beautiful generation photo, but while this is going on, your Bridesmaids could be causing havoc on the dance which also makes a great photo (for different reasons of course). A lot happens at a wedding, by having two photographers it ensures more moments are captured and often things you only realise when you look back through your photos.

Two little girls holding flowers at a wedding in front of a fence.

3. More Images, More memories, No limits.

You’ll want as many photos of your day as possible. It’s your day, your details, your guests, what you’ve spent months planning and your photos/memories. Naturally by having 2 wedding photographers milling around capturing all that goes on you’ll have more photos to keep too.

We don’t limit the number of photos we take on the day and we don’t limit the number of photos we carefully edit and provide you on your USB either. Our opinion is: that even a regular photo of 2 people sharing a joke, may not have much artistic merit, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have special meaning to you. Who are we to judge? We don’t know your guests, their back stories and their meaning to you, so we include it. I remember several years back, getting an email from a bride thanking me for capturing a woman smiling. The photo which we took of 2 middle-aged people, was the first time this separated couple, had talked and shared a moment in over 12 years!

A group of people dancing at a wedding reception captured by talented Wedding Photographers in Northamptonshire.

4. Added Assurances

Capturing a critical moment, such as your first kiss from 2 angles not only gives you a more captivating story but by having two photographers capturing it also has its assurances too. It only takes the vicar or registrar to move slightly at the wrong moment for the photographer to miss the shot. Dread to think, but what happens if your solo photographer can’t make your wedding, becomes ill or has an accident? If you’ve booked a duo of photographers, then 1 of then will make it.

We would hate this to happen and so have experienced wedding photographer friends that can fill in if one of us can’t make it. So if one of us couldn’t make your day, we would ask someone else to seamlessly drop in to replace us, giving you two photographers.

5. 2 places at once

The Speeches are such a great time to capture all the emotions in the room. You want these captured, but you probably don’t want a photographer running around trying their best to catch the moments and getting in people’s way. By having two photographers, we divide the room and guests up without having to move around too much. The first photographer can capture all that is happening on the head table, while the second photographer is picking off the guests, the laughter and the tears as they are transfixed by what is being said.

6. Not missing a moment

You’ll want some stunning photos from your day, and often they require a little preparation by your photographer. Maybe a sparkler photo or a spectacular sunset, these photos can take a short time to prepare and instead of having you standing around missing your guests, it’s better to have these photos prepped and ready for you so that you can get back to your wedding. With 2 Wedding Photographers, one can do the setup while the other is capturing your day all done seamlessly.




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