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Post Production

The fun bit is over…

Now comes the hours and hours (and hours!) of post-production.

Covid Impact

I’m sure you can understand, but we must warn you that our usual and impeccable edit timing has gone out the window, due to all the pandemic rescheduling. For 2021 and 2022 we have had no choice, but to make it work for everyone and this has meant taking on an abnormally high amount of weddings. We have spent lockdown fine-tuning and speeding up edit processes and the creation of this page, so you can see the progress of your wedding. Even with additional efforts and our tighter processing, large delays are expected.

We hope you understand and find the below progress chart useful.


Simon and Karla xx

Our Post Production Process

Progress Table

This table is live and updated daily unless we are at a wedding of course!




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