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Pre Wedding shoot
Normaly £249 - Now £149 until August 25th

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Book a slot on either Friday 11th or Saturday 12th of September. Availability is limited to a certain number of spaces on the days.

If you can’t make those dates then email me on and we may open another date.

Pre-wedding Shoot

Getting engaged is an exciting and special period in your life. You have all the excitement of planning your wedding, knowing that you’ll spend the rest of your lives together. This is a great chance to capture this time in your life with some beautiful engagement photos. Something for you to look back on later in your life. We love capturing engaged couples during this exciting period.

On-Location Engagement Photography – not in a Studio

We shoot the engagement session in a relaxed outdoor location, nothing at all stuffy, staged or formal, just a casual walk somewhere pretty, taking some photos along the way.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Nearly all of the wedding couples we meet are quite camera shy or a little nervous about having their photos taken at their wedding. They have their own idea of what it’s going to be like on their big day, and this often fills them with dread. Will I look like I’ve seen a ghost, I don’t want to look like an ice maiden, I hate knowing my photo is being taken etc. This can add unnecessary stress to your day. This is when a pre-wedding shoot makes a lot of sense. The absolute truth is, you’ll probably enjoy it and find it quite relaxing to get away for a while. We are definitely not the type of photographers who put people on edge. Like the engagement session its a walk and a chat whilst sipping your Prosecco/Cocktail/Beer. Stand here, have a chat with each other and we’ll do our thing. It can be worth experiencing a shoot with us beforehand, to put your mind at rest. So perhaps an engagement photography session in the gorgeous Northamptonshire countryside is ideal.

What Happens?

Not going to be like…

Ok, so this is not going to be some Vogue magazine rehearsal, don’t worry. We are barely going to get you to pose, in fact just like your wedding day we’ll only ask you to stand here and turn that way. None of this tilt your head, no not that way, No, now pick your chin up. IT’S NOT YOU!

Is going to be like…

We just go for a walk, chatting about anything and everything and occasionally we’ll stop where I see something that’ll make a nice photo. On your wedding day, we’ll walk from point to point, but on an engagement shoot, we’re less time-restricted.

Photos Ready When?

We’ll aim to have your photos in your gallery within 2 weeks. So you can download and use as you wish.

What not to wear?

Dress how you want, what represents you. Bear in mind though we’ll undoubtedly be walking across the grass, which may be a little muddy depending on recent weather. Leave things like handbags in the car as they’ll probably get in the way. Bring your engagement ring! lol


Delapre Abbey - Grounds

We usually go to Delapre abbey in central Northampton, or if you have somewhere that is meaningful and is within 30 miles of Northampton then let’s go there!

Delapre Abbey Address:

Delapre Abbey

London Road





Only a six minute drive from Junction 15 of the M1, Delapré Abbey is easily accessible whether you’re travelling from the North or South.

From J15 simply follow the A45 north towards the town centre and you’ll find Delapré Abbey located just off the A45 on London Road (A508).

From central Northampton, take the A508 southbound towards the M1 junction 15. The Abbey is on a turning to your left/east about 1 mile from the town centre.

Please be aware that the drive leading to Delapré Abbey is a single lane only, with several passing places.

Free car parking is available for all visitors (as well as over-flow capacity for large events) with priority disabled parking for blue badge holders.


Get your Engagement booked in

Friday 11th of September


Saturday 12th of September