Your Wedding Day

All About Your Day

We will photograph your day and capture many beautiful moments. But we would like to go further, so if there is something special that may not be obvious to us and you want to point it, please do let us know. It might be a ring that Great-grandma Hilda wore on her wedding day; or a relative that hasn’t been seen for 50 years but is flying in especially for your day, Or maybe you are planning to get up on stage and serenade your husband… maybe not. But you get the idea! Any extra info makes a big difference and we want to capture all that is special to you. Please add any of these sentiments to other info.

Group Shots

We don’t mind how many group pictures you choose but do appreciate that moving people around takes time and sometimes a lot of time. People have a tendency of going missing when you need them most. Bigger venues and Hotels can be the worst, as they might go back to their room or go for a walk. We don’t want this to be a stressful time for you, so here’s some help to help us… sort of.

Ushers and Nominated helper
Let get these guys ushering! This is where the ushers come into their own and if willing they can help organise or look for people. Just give the ushers the heads up to help the photographer on your day and that should be enough and we’ll talk to them. On the following form we will ask you to nominate a person from each side of the family to help us. Whilst we are busy shaping the group to take the photo they can be rounding up the next group. Easy! Ideally someone with a VOICE but more importantly someone who is organised and isn’t going to disappear.

How long?
You have the easiest job of just standing still and watching it all unfurl… just have a drink close by or if cold then something to keep you warm. There is no hard and fast rule, but depending on how many groups expect about 3 minutes average per group. 20 groups x 3mins is an hour so make sure you have time in your itinerary.

How can you save time?
What can save a lot of time is the order of the list. We will try and rearrange this but you can help us. Take a look at the below examples. Both list A & B start with both sets of parents, but the first example is disjointed and time-consuming. So instead of sending them away to replace them with Grandma only to interrupt them again to ask them back again. We could get all of those pictures done in one see list B.
In the larger venues, it’s sometimes easier to start with everyone group, before anyone disappears off.

LIST A – Bad disjointed list example:
Bride + Groom + Both Sets of Parents
Bride + Groom + Grooms Granma
Bride + Groom + Grooms Parents
Bride + Groom + Brides Parents
Bride + Groom + Grooms Family

LIST B- Same List but flowing (fewer adding and subtracting of people).
Bride + Groom + Both Sets of Parents
Bride + Groom + Brides Parents
Bride + Groom + Grooms Parents.

Wedding Day Information Form