Your Wedding Day

All About Your Day

Why do we need all this information?

We have collected the info for over 300 weddings and honed this form to what it is now. The information you are about to provide is crucial to the way we shoot your day. Our goal is simple: To be organised and efficient, so we are able to blend in and anticipate the who’s, when’s and where’s.

Before you start

We recommend you set aside around 30 minutes to an hour to complete this form. Sorry, it is that long!

We recommend using a device with a large screen e.g a laptop, desktop, tablet. Phones are a bit of a struggle.

Please read the descriptions and Tips sections, they’re important. Sorry, I sound a bit like a teacher now!

Info you need

Go grab that all your wedding info as we’ve got quite a few questions!

Have your wedding day itinerary to hand

You are about to be asked what group photos you require

If you do request additional coverage or drone photography, we will take payment at the end of the form. So have your card ready if needed.

Email addresses for 2 nominated group photo helpers (Bride side and Groom side)



At the end of the form, you can request a copy and you will be sent all the info you provided and 2 PDFs. A PDF of all info and 1 of your requested group photos.

Wedding Day Information Form